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The Digital Photography Book Volume 3

What do you do when your first two books do really well?  Scott Kelby did the natural thing and wrote a third, the aptly named The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.  As in his first two digital photography books (he has written other books) Kelby writes with the perspective that he is out with you taking pictures.  His descriptions provide technical information without overwhelming you with jargon.  It also doesn’t hurt that he uses his sense of humor to entertain.

The bad thing about his books is that he always introduces me to a really cool piece of equipment that I most certainly want to try.  This volume profiled the Lensbaby which is a lens attachment described as “just plain addictive…results in a look that can have a lot of energy, movement and excitement to it.”  I added it to my Amazon Wish List, but have not taken the plunge…yet.  Kelby also give not so costly tips as he suggests using make up mirrors as a low cost way to reflect light where you want it.

As with my copies of his first two books this one is full of red post-it notes marking ideas or photographs I want to try.  On tip that I used already was about shooting a sunrise from Chapter 5.  Kelby stressed the importance of scouting your dawn shoot location.  While I did scout the location and where I could park, I did not really figure in enough time to travel to the location and set up my stuff.  I was probably a little late on my first attempt, but it didn’t really matter that much since there was so much fog.

The next morning I got up by 5:30, got there in plenty of time and there was just the right amount of fog…

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