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The Digital Photography Book Part 4

If you have read parts one through three you’ll need to read The Digital Photography Book, Part 4.  If you haven’t read the others, buy them when you purchase Part 4.  You would think that author Scott Kelby would start running out of techniques to write about, but thankfully for us he hasn’t.  Part 4 is another winner as it features over a hundred (no I didn’t actually count them) “step by step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros.”  There are two features that make Kelby’s books sharper than others;  first is his sense of humor, second is that he presents the tips like he is there with you and gives the information to get the shot, third is that he always shows off some cool new stuff that I wanna have.  I know that’s three, but I like humor too.

I actually bought the Manfrotto Super Arm and have two other items in my Amazon Wish List.  I challenge myself to try some one of his techniques for my review of his book.  Kelby dedicates a whole chapter to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs so this was my goal.  I had actually finished this book shortly after it came out, but had to wait until I found the right spot to do my shoot.  By the way I used my Manfrotto Super Arm to take my pictures.

This is the photograph with normal exposure:

 And the HDR version:

The HDR version:

The normal exposure:

The technique is essentially to take a series of photographs from underexposed to overexposed and combine the “best” of the images.  I look forward to experimenting with this and the other techniques in all four books!  This is another fine book by Mr. Kelby.

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