Framing the Dialogue

The Devil’s Waters

devils waters“The PJs’ rescue missions were most often ODA teams, CIA, Special Forces, SEALS, direct action commandos, or any covert operative engaged in recon and intel, counterterrorism, or unconventional warfare.  When these black operatives found themselves in sudden need of rescue from a blown cover, unexpected resistance, wounds, dangerous weather, even fatigue, they called for the PJs.”

InThe Devil’s Waters the PJs (Pararescue Jumpers) find themselves in the middle of an international drama when one of there own stays on board a merchant ship to take care of a pair of injured sailors.  Many of the PJs have past military experience in frontline “tip-of-the-spear” duties and many have entered the rescue service to put miles behind those fighting and killing activities; some join to atone for their actions, at least in their minds.  The ship is hijacked by Somalian pirates and the cargo being hauled cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.  The clock in ticking in this thrilling novel by David L. Robbins.

This is the first in a series (of three so far) pararescue jumper novels.  The story was interesting and kept me interested and engaged.  There were times when I didn’t want to put the book down so I look forward to reading the second book.

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