Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never

The Day After Never by Russell Blake takes place in the Southwestern United States.  America is torn apart by a pandemic flu that kills a large portion of the population.  Anarchy rules in this Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian novel.  Pockets of civilization dot the countryside barricaded against the lawless groups that roam; looking for easy prey.

“As with most black swan events, so named because they were unpredictable singularities, the combination of the super flu – regardless of whether brought to the U.S. by refugees, illegal immigrants, or returning servicemen – and an economic meltdown had never been envisioned. There were simply no scenarios for it, and when it happened, civilization had unraveled far faster than anyone would have believed.”

Lucas Shaw is a likely hero, former Texas Ranger who now lives with his father fenced in for protection against invaders…their fellow countrymen.  Lucas ventures out to coral wild horses so that he can trade for necessities.  His journeys are almost never without trouble, though he travels paths to strategically avoid trouble.  When he rescues a young woman who’s companions have been killed and she is grievously wounded, things get crazy.  There is more to this woman that she is letting on.

This series is interesting in that rather than society devolving into a “Mad Max” vision, society, at least in this geographic area, return to something more like the wild west.  I enjoyed the novel, but as with many of these type of series there is not really a resolution, but a segue into the next book.  Not my favorite recipe.

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