Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Rubicon

So all that you want is peace and to live out some semblance of a quiet life with your family.  You’ve successfully battled many a bad guy in an America that has fallen prey to first a killer virus, then competing violent forces trying to control larger and larger portions of this nation.  The “good” citizens are all but shell-shocked and often lack the will to stand up to bullies…really violent bullies.  You’re tired, but you are the best for the job.  And there is this huge army that is at your command and you can do such good.  What do you do?

“Lucas climbed back onto Tango and patted his neck. “I know you’re tired, big guy, but I need you to keep going.” Tango snorted as though he understood and made his way back to the trail, where only one set of prints continued north. Lucas spit to the side and snapped the reins, and the stallion surged forward while Lucas scanned the distant horizon with murderous intent.”

Unfortunately for Lucas, there really in no place to hide.  Only total victory gives him a chance at peace in this the tenth in the Day After Never series.

As I have noted in each of my previous reviews in this series, I did enjoy this novel…even though the end of this one will lead to the next one…something that I generally dislike.

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