Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Retribution

In this post apopalyptic book series, the world has been ravaged by a killer flu.  Lawlessness has reared its ugly head and only the strong survive. After having killed the vile leader of the “Crew” when his minions attacked Shangri La in the previous addition of this series, Retribution sees the survivors search for a new safe haven; Snake seizes power; and Sierra finally gets her way to search for her son. The author introduces a new power lurking and pulling strings; are they good or perhaps just less evil than the Crew.

“Given the level of difficulty his big brains were having developing an effective solution to the virus, Snake doubted that a group on the run in the wilds could do better. Then again, Magnus had been sure that destroying Shangri-La would be shooting fish in a barrel, and it had been that hubris that had cost him everything. Snake wouldn’t make the same mistake.”

If you read my reviews, you know that I generally abhor books that don’t end and only lead to the next novel.  While this series does that, the author does it in a way that doesn’t leave me hanging to the point where I will NOT read another book.  I really like this series and will continue to read…for now.

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