Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Purgatory Road

Purgatory Road is the second in the The Day After Never series by author Russell Blake. In it, our hero Lucas again faces overwhelming odds to save those closest to him while staying one step ahead of some very nasty people.  In this dystopian novel, the world population has been devastated by a global pandemic.  More than half the population have succumbed and a great many of those left have sunk to brutal levels to survive…generally at the expense of others.  Lucas finds himself pushed to help the two who he saved find their promised land before they themselves were found.

“No, he’d have to come up with a plan that would enable them to go to ground in a safe place and try to figure out what the note said. But no matter what, they couldn’t stay in one place very long. Remaining stationary for even a short period was inviting detection. The thought didn’t bother Lucas much. He had nothing to go back to at the ranch, and Ruby had lost everything, so life on the road was no worse than waiting to fall prey to scavengers or the other marauders that roamed the badlands.”

As this novel is the second in the series, there is no final resolution to the conflict.  I generally dislike this concept, but I have enjoyed this book for the author’s unusual successfulness of the end-of-days reverting to more of a western novel feel.


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