Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Perdition

In this the sixth book in The Day After Never Series, it picks up where the fifth novel leave off and the Chinese are landing in an attempt to take control of America’s northwest.  Both the town and Lucas are set to get away, but things don’t go as planned and a group decides to return to return to help some folks who were left behind.  Facing overwhelming odd, they look to take on a highly trained AND armed Chinese force.

“As the field commander of the Oregon invasion, he was honored to have been entrusted with a monumental task, and was prepared for the worst from the criminal warlords who held Portland. China had been fortunate that its large active military had retained at least some control over the nation as the virus swept across it, and they’d prevented any insurgency from disruptive elements that might have used the disaster as an opportunity to assume power. Some had tried, of course, but they had proved no match for the army, which had quelled the uprisings mercilessly, making examples of the leaders by leaving their bodies hanging from lampposts, rotting in the sun.”

Lucas’ family and friends left behind no longer feel safe and decide to move out yet again as the Crew is still searching for them; still looking for revenge.

If you’ve been reading my reviews, I have really enjoyed this series.  A lot of action, with a strong hero and evil-doers that you can just feel good about hating.  Looks like I have three books to go.



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