Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Nemesis

“Maybe. But now you have a choice, and I’m asking you as your friend, and as the leader of the army – take this battle to the miscreants behind most of our suffering. We’re in a unique position with a bunch of victories under our belt, and this will only build from here. But it needs a strong vision…and someone to follow.” Art closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were pleading. “You’re that man, Lucas, like it or not. I hate to play the last request card if I can avoid it, but I will if I have to.”

It’s hard to believe that this is the ninth in Russell Blake’s post-apocalyptic series where a mysterious flu functionally destroys most of the United States.  The good guys made a vaccine for the flu so that’s not as big a concern for common folks.  Still there are the murderous gangs, the Chinese who seem to be intent on taking the western states, and the mysterious group looking to control most of everything.

In Nemesis, the good guys (simply put) not only have a huge army, but they have some momentum having won some pretty big battles…some of them against better armed foes.  Lucas longs to go and be with his family, but knows that evil will not just go away.  He feels compelled to continue his leadership role.  Victory after victory leads his army south, toward Texas.  Even in the midst of a large army, is he really safe?

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