Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Legion

Legion is the eighth in Russell Blake’s Day After Never post-apocalyptic dystopian thrillers.  The earth has been ravaged by a killer virus and the lawless have taken over.  These novels cover the happenings in the West and Midwest as rival gangs struggle to control the cowered populace.  There are a few who stand against the cruelty.  


“Sierra blinked back her tears and looked away. “I missed you, Lucas. I don’t want to spend my life missing you.  Is that too much to ask?” Lucas squeezed her hand. “I missed you too, Sierra. And no. That’s reasonable,” he said, and it was his turn to look away, his face drawn and his expression fatigued. “Only we don’t live in a reasonable world. At least, not yet.”

The forces for good have started to push back against their violent overseers.  Led by Lucas and others, the tide is beginning to turn though the families are not happy about being left behind.  Often violent, these thrillers leave off for the next installment.  I generally don’t care for that, but for this series it really doesn’t bother me…much.


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