Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Insurrection

If you just read my last review, I revealed that while I don’t like book series, I have enjoyed the Day After Never novels.  I also stated that I’d keep reading and, as promised, I read two in a row.  How about that?

In this the fifth in the series, Insurrection, Lucas leads a team tasked with delivering vaccine to another group to protect them from the virus and provide them with cultures that can be used to continue to make more.  Perhaps the future of the world.  As can be expected in the post apocalyptic world, the bad guys have a say in things.

“The grogginess he felt when he reached the rim wasn’t good, but there was little he could do about it. He wasn’t losing any more blood, and if he had a concussion, he’d have to power through it and make his way back to the town under his own steam. The prospect wasn’t an attractive one, but as he sat with his back against the wall of the bunker, Alex’s corpse only a few yards away, he reconciled himself to doing what he must and pushed to his feet.”


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