Framing the Dialogue

The Day After Never – Havoc

“You want Sierra and the kids to be safe. Ask yourself how that’ll be possible if the country’s invaded and run as a slave colony. Is that the future you want for them? For yourself?” “Wouldn’t be much different than how we’ve let it turn out, would it?” Ruby frowned. “Don’t give me that, Lucas. We both know you aren’t fine with any of this. You’re a good man, and you can’t stand idly by while evil triumphs. It’s one of the reasons I respect you, and why they want you to lead the men. You have honor. That’s a rare quality in this day and age.” “Damn, woman.”

Lucas is again caught up in fights that really aren’t his and is compelled to spend more time away from his new family.  The Chinese are still invading, the gangs still control great swaths of the country and the Illuminati have their tentacles everywhere.  What emerges from the chaos and winning battles is the start of something bigger and Lucas seems destined to be the leader.

“You have an army here. More men from Salem are already talking about joining. With that kind of a force, you could not only take out the Chinese, you could take out anyone you needed to – like the Crew. You could clean up the whole country, warlord by warlord, and bring a decent life to tens of thousands of survivors. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s true. You landed in this position – whether by fate or accident, who can say, but it’s yours either way, and I think you need to acknowledge it and figure out whether you want to be a leader, or…or leave it to others less capable.” Lucas’s face crinkled with a hint of a smile.”

Another great adventure by Russel Blake.  I’m not sure what I am going to do when I have no more to read (two left).  You should read this post apocalyptical series, but start from the beginning.

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