Framing the Dialogue

The Cuban Affair

Mac spent five years fighting for his country in Afghanistan and saw many terrible things.  He now scrapes by taking tourists on fishing expeditions out of Key West, Florida.  He seems to be at the point where he’ll listen to any reasonable offer as is the case when a secretive group offers him millions of dollars to travel to Cuba to pick up a package.  To make matters more tempting, his companion will be an attractive, young woman.

“As I used to say to my men, you gotta die someplace.  And Cuba was as good a place to die as Afghanistan.  And maybe that was better than wasting away here in Margaritaville, or on Wall Street, or in Portland.  Lots of options.  None of them good.  Except maybe the Cuba option.  Maybe this was my lucky day.  Maybe not.”

Author Nelson DeMille has written another very good thriller.  In The Cuban Affair we meet a new character, Daniel Graham MacCormick or Mac for short.  Mac is a wise-cracking man who has a decent outlook on life.  Danger lies within him and he is someone you might hire to deliver a package…especially if you need him to pick it up from some hostile folks.  The novel obviously takes the heroes to the communist enclave that is Cuba.  The descriptions of Cuba are reminiscent of what we were told life was like in the USSR.

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