Framing the Dialogue

The Columbus Affair

columbus affairDespair has gotten the best of former investigative reporter Tom Sagan.  Just before he takes action he is interrupted and is cast into a journey started hundreds of years ago by a rather famous sailor.  Is this enough to keep him going; to try to get back his new life?  Never very far from danger as he attempts to figure out the pieces of a puzzle left by an ancestor as he hops across continents in search of “treasure” in The Columbus Affair .

“Come, he said to the others. ‘Let us pray that the secret of this day will long stay hidden.”

This novel by Steve Berry is on the order of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code; Lots of speculation and secrets about Christopher Columbus and a search for truth and treasure with suspense and a dose of murder.  It was an interesting novel with certainly religious undertones yet Mr. Berry chose to use the very secular “CE” rather than “AD” throughout the book.  I frankly found that to be a bit odd and secular.

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