Framing the Dialogue

The Christmas Sweater

I takes a lot to put yourself out there for all the world to see.  Glenn Beck has never seemed to shy away from letting his listeners, viewers, or readers see deep inside himself.  The Christmas Sweater is a such a story.  It is a glimpse inside a very painful, life-affirming, and enlightening period of his life.  Beck changes some of the facts to tell his story, but it doesn’t affect the impact of the tale.  As I read this touching novel I found myself trying to predict where it would go.  I knew, obviously, that Mr. Beck survived, but I wondered what path his journey would take.  The Christmas Sweater is an engaging tale and well worth reading.

I especially appreciated his notes at the end of the book explaining the modifications from his true story.  One thing that was painful was that this book forced me to look at some of the times in my youth that I acted like Eddie.  It is hard to look back at those times; it is helpful to look back at those times; it is wonderful to know that I came through the storms of those times.

Pick up a copy and read it to your kids.

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