Framing the Dialogue

The Christmas Bus

It’s that time of year when scores of Christmas novels and short books come on the market to warm our hearts. I have read quite a few in my day and they are generally enjoyable and often uplifting. I found The Christmas Bus at a favorite charity discount book sale. The name alone was intriguing…The Christmas Bus!

Set in Christmas Valley, Oregon, a town struggling to survive the loss of its primary industry reinvents itself to capitalize on its unique name (yes there is actually such a place). The main characters are an older couple where the husband is a minister in the town and his wife runs a bed-and-breakfast. The best laid plans seem to come apart and their Christmas is not typical.

This is a warm and sensitive story and while a few of the storylines are predictable some are not. It reminded me of the Mitford books, many of which I have read. Author Melody Carlson offers a spiritual novel that is not overtly preachy and yet has a strong moral message. This is a wonderful book to read this or any other season. Curl up in front of the fire on a snowy night and enjoy it.

Oh if you want to know the significance of the bus you’ll just have to buy a copy and find out for yourself.



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