Framing the Dialogue

The Child Finder

“You know she is most likely dead,” Naomi said, softly. She had found it was better just to say it. Especially when so much time had passed. The mom froze. “I don’t believe she is.” The two women faced each other. They were close to the same age, but Naomi had the bloom of health on her cheeks, while the mom looked drawn with fear. “Someone took her,” the mother said, firmly. “If they did take her and we find her, she won’t come back the same. You have to know that now,” Naomi said.”

What would push you to a career where you search for missing children.  Sure that is a compelling occupation, but it is one full of so much tragedy…maybe a tragedy that you are trying to forget.  The Child Finder is hired to find a couple’s daughter who has been missing for years; taken? when the family was searching for the perfect Christmas tree.  Nothing’s been perfect since that day.

“Where are you, Madison Culver? Flying with the angels, a silver speck on a wing? Are you dreaming, buried under the snow? Or is it possible, after three years missing, you are still alive?”

You’ll have to read this very good book for yourself to see whether Madison comes home alive.  The novel has some interesting twists and ends with an unresolved mystery.  While this typically bothers me, in this case, it is a well done lead into the author’s next book which I am looking forward to reading.


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