Framing the Dialogue

The Cases That Haunt Us

imageI’m reading this book, The Cases That Haunt Us, and I’m in a chapter discussing a possIble scenario where an UNSUB (unknown subject) breaks into the victim’s house the brutally murder someone. My wife wakes me at 4:00 am because she heard the garage door open. I grab some clothes, my Mag light (one of the big ones), my phone and a baseball bat to investigate. Adrenaline now pumping as I advance and turn on ever light approaching the basement/garage…only to find it empty and the door closed. I turned to go back inside when the garage door opened on its own.

I know that’s a long intro, but it is telling in that author, John Douglas , takes us into the minds of the suspects or killers to the point where I felt much tensions in my own house.  Douglas shares his insights on such cases as Jack The Ripper and The Zodiak, and JonBenet Ramsey.  We get a peak into profiles he put together and he shares some opinions about these famous cases.  If you were like me I heard a lot, but most was from the “media” and they’re ability to get facts right is poor at best.  This fills in a lot of blanks.

This book is not for the squeamish and I confess to having some pretty weird dreams this week.  I enjoyed it, but I’m glad I’m done.  There are some pretty messed up people running around.

So I left off as the garage door suddenly opens at 4:00 am.  This was not a comfortable situation for me.  But there wasn’t anyone there!  I closed it, unplugged it, and searched inside and out.  I went back to bed, but didn’t sleep.  By the way, my lovely wife was back asleep by the time I got back to our bedroom.


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