Framing the Dialogue

The Brothers

the brothers“Pretend you want to help them while whispering deceits in their ears.  Only lie when you have to.  Speak the truth when you can; for the truth, once it’s twisted, is the most effective tool we have.  Coat all your lies with enough truth, and they will swallow it down…evil can be twisted into virtue if you phrase it just right.  Any vice is acceptable if you cloak it in an issue of freedom.  Any immorality is worth fighting for if you tell them they are fighting for choice, if you wrap it in the mantle of privacy and freedom.”

One of my goals this holiday season was to finally read the entire Great and Terrible series by author Chris Stewart.  I asked for and received as a gift last Christmas and hadn’t gotten to it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew that it would have religious overtones.  That’s an understatement.  The first book noted as the prologue takes place in the time before creation or as I would simply call it Heaven.  The story focuses on the time when the forces of Lucifer, a once powerful angel, battled for control of the heavens.  Brought up Catholic I had learned some about the great struggle for souls, but Stewart brings a closer look at the struggle.

In The Brothers he uses a family of three brothers and their little sister and their struggle to resist the minions of Satan and their temptations.  I wish that I could say that it was a simple story of good versus evil with evil perishing, but it is really not.  While anyone who has studied knows that Lucifer and his followers were driven away from the promised land they do survive and are at work today.  I have just finished the second book and know that rather than a series of novels, which they are, they are not unlike the Lord of the Rings in that they are connected and need to read that way.  The struggle of the three brothers ends in this battle which sets the stage for the war yet to come.

This book is great and powerful.  The images are stark and disturbing, but necessary to tell the story…a story that is as long as civilization itself and mankind itself.  Chris Stewart unfortunately is a great storyteller and took me on this journey.  I felt a tension in his words, recognized truth, and fear for the future.

“Pride is the seed from which all other sins sprout; jealousy, hate, lust, ambition, criticism, or sloth.  All of these sins sprout from the pride in their hearts.  If I can breed pride inside them, I can turn that pride into hate.  Once I have made them feel jealous, then I can bend them to follow my will.”


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