Framing the Dialogue

The Boys From Brazil

imageI’m not sure how old you’d have to be to remember who was Dr. Josef Mengele.  I suspect that number gets smaller by the day. So Mengele plied his trade, which was research, on helpless prisoners held in the Nazi concentration camps.  His subjects were not volunteers and their wellbeing was disregarded.  He was a monster!  He did manage to escape to South America after World War II.

In The Boys from Brazil the author, Ira Levin, picks up on a diabolical plot by a cabal of Nazis who would like nothing better than see a rise of the Reich.  The Angel of Death, Mengele, plays a central role in the plot as a fearless Nazi-hunter tries to put together the clue and stop it and maybe get Mengele in the process.

this was an enjoyable thriller that had me guessing.


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