Framing the Dialogue

The Book Club Murders

“Odd, he thought, how the kudzu, honeysuckle, and junk trees remained thick and green down in this humid microclimate, screening the trail from casual observers despite the fact that it was mid-November. He wondered if the murderer had deliberately chosen the most desolate, putrid setting available for the staging of this cruel tableau.”

In the The Book Club Murders, we are introduced to the Agathas Book Club which is primarily composed of very wealthy, influential, and controlling women, most of them in the twilight of their lives.  Charley Carpenter has joined the club at the behest of a friend, but she and some others don’t feel like they “belong”.

When a series of murders happens the focus turns to the book club as the murders are staged very similarly to some of Agatha Christie’s novels.  Charley gets involved not only with the handsome detective investigating the case, but she inserts herself into the investigation.

This is was a fun, fast summer read.

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