Framing the Dialogue

The Black Elfstone

Many many years ago I read quite a lot of fantasy science fiction; many of them by Terry Brooks.  In The Black Elfstone we meet a “defrocked” druid, a form high druid who has been banished by the druid that replaced him.  When a young girl with obvious powers seeks him out he take her on as his student.  While they have different goals, they work together in her training and he learns much from her.  They are pulled in many directions as someone has hire assassins to kill the druid, a strange and unbeatable army is crossing the land, and the young students brother has strong and unmanageable powers that is wreaking havoc.

“Paranor was your home. You lived there for years. You were High Druid. You were respected. Why would you give all that up?” He leaned back in his chair, giving her a look. “Some things aren’t worth keeping. Sometimes, you have to let go. Sometimes, you have to follow your conscience and put aside your pride.”

The subtitle, “the fall of Shannara” tells you quite a bit about the novel.  This was a good read, but like many series, you really need to read the next…and then the next…and then the next.  I generally don’t favor those.


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