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The Big Book of Kombucha

A few months ago I’d never heard of kombucha. Now it’s a regular part of my diet.  Kombucha is a fermented tea that, by all accounts, is a very healthy beverage.  I just find it really refreshing and since I gave up sodas and artificial sweeteners, kombucha helps fill that void that water cannot accomplish.  My son got me started with a “daughter” of his SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and a bit of his starter liquid shipped via the UPSP in multiple bags.  I started brewing in a one gallon jug and soon found that I was always running out so I now have two alternately going.  I brew mine for about 10 days, bottle/flavor and have secondary ferment for 4-5 days.  I love experimenting with flavors so enter…

The Big Book of Kombucha by Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory.  There seems like hundreds of ideas in this book for flavors.  One thing that I did find most helpful was reading through the do’s and don’ts of brewing.  This was a great resource beyond the flavors.

My brewing set up…two one gallon glass jars (I did switch out the plastic spouts for stainless steel ones). I may need to move to larger vessels soon (I already have them!).

But back to the flavors!  I’m sitting here looking at a box full of ingredients for future flavors.  I’ve gotten hibiscus flowers, lavender, ginger, and more common stuff like gotu kola herb and ginko (I just bottled some Brain Brew Blend).  I’ve found kombucha to be a wonderful canvas to try lots of different recipes.  My copy of the book is just pasted with post-it notes of things that I want to try.  My new favorite is a Strawberry Lemonade, but there is an Italian Orange about ready to taste.

So get out there and brew some of your own and enjoy.


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