Framing the Dialogue

The Beggar King

beggar kingImagine a murder mystery where the investigator doesn’t have a cell phone, electronic surveillance, laboratory tests, DNA evidence, or any real modern tools. If you are thinking Sherlock Holmes you’d need to go back in time a few centuries to a simpler yet seemingly crueler time; A time when your guilt was decided then you were tortured until you confessed. No imagine that you were the “hangman” who was tasked with inducing the confession out of the accused and the tables were turned.

In The Beggar King we are brought back to 17th Century Bavaria and the lives of Hangman Jacob Kuisl, his daughter Magdalena and her suitor/lover Simon Fronweiser. Oliver Potzsch’s newest mystery is much more personal this time with the murder of someone close and the eyes of suspicion fall on the group as they visit a distant realm. You will struggle along with the characters as they work their way through the mystery trying to decipher who to trust.

The Beggar King is another thrilling novel by author Potzsch. He has successfully trapped a number of family and friends with his tales as we await the next installment of the hangman’s daughter series.


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