Framing the Dialogue

The Bad Seed

bad seed“Later that summer, when Mrs. Penmark looked back and remembered, when she was caught up in despair so deep that she knew there was no way out, no solution whatever for the circumstances that encompassed her, it seemed to her that June seventh, the day of the Fern Grammar School picnic, was the day of her last happiness, for never since then had she known contentment or felt peace.”

With that opening sentence, The Bad Seed set the tone for the story of a family with a dark secret…one that they didn’t even know or even at least admit to themselves.  If you are more than fifty, you may remember the movie of the same name and this is how I happened to read this book.  Back in the “old days” there weren’t hundreds of movie choices each night and we generally watched the same movies year in and year out.  My favorite, The Wizard of Oz, Hitchcock’s Birds, and of course The Bad Seed.  I only vaguely remember watching it as I don’t think my parents wanted me seeing this.  But I do have memories of the little girl.  Read the book and you’ll remember the little girl too.


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