Framing the Dialogue

The Authorities

authoritiesAuthor Scott Meyer is becoming one of my “go to” writers when I want to read a fun, entertaining book that’s a bit quirky and yet not trivial.  In The Authorities, a rich guy decides to assemble a private crime-fighting team and he pulls together an eclectic group of “professionals” with unique talents.  This maybe something of a cross between James Bond meets Get Smart with a pinch of Charlie’s Angels (only the rich overseer part).  The story starts when a young police officer who dreams of being a detective,  Sinclair Rutherford, gets some unwanted attention as he investigates a murder and his attempted apprehension of the suspect gets posted on YouTube.  In steps the creator of “The Authorities” and the rest, as they say, is history.

This was a rather entertaining novel.  Scott Meyer uses his creative license to create images and items that do not exist anywhere except in his mind…and perhaps in some secret government installation.  This set of characters seems to be prime for a continuing series and I hope that Mr. Meyers does that.


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