Framing the Dialogue

The Athena Project

When I read about a new novel from a favorite author I get excited and when the tease is that it features a new characters I had to rush out to buy it.  Brad Thor’s newest group of operatives begs for a comparison to Charlie’s Angels.  Sorry Brad, but having a four woman team of operatives commanded by a male is eerily similar.  Since this is Brad Thor and not a network television show the level of action and intrigue is at a higher level and the dialogue is better.  Super operative Scot Harvath makes a “cameo” appearance in the book, but The Athena Project is all about the “world’s most elite counter-terrorism unit” as they race against time to save America. 

When you combine Nazi secrets, secret American installations, Russian mafia, sleazy arms dealers and high tech weapons you get an action packed thriller.  The difficulty for me was that I really couldn’t identify all of the characters as individuals.  I think that as these ladies keep coming back their individuality will come through more.  I found the story a little choppy and while very entertaining, it did not build a lot of suspense or really pull me in like most of Brad Thor’s previous novels.  Thor did provide a big plot twist near the end that “wowed” me so kudos on that.

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