Framing the Dialogue

The Alice Network

“Lili,” Eve asked impulsively. “Are you ever afraid?” Lili turned, rain dripping off the edge of her umbrella in a silver curtain between her and Eve. “Yes, just like everybody else. But only after the danger is done—before that, fear is an indulgence.” She slid her hand through Eve’s elbow. “Welcome to the Alice Network.”

The Alice Network is a novel loosely based on a spying network in France during World War II.  This network of spies was all women.  the were generally successful as women at that time were not considered a threat.  The novel follows an American woman, post WWII as she tries to become independent and travels to Europe in search of a lost cousin.  She encounters Eve Gardiner, a former Alice Network operative, and their combined stories make an unlikely partnership as Eve wrestles with her demon’s past and dysfunctional present.

This novel flips back and forth between the WWII era and post WWII eras.  I generally find this cumbersome to read, but this was well done.  It was interesting as I could see the two periods coming together.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable book.


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