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The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader

Throughout my career I have, on occasion, worked for different government agencies.  Training budgets were generally nonexistent, but oddly enough it was during one of my tenures at an agency that I had the opportunity to attend a workshop series on leadership development. 

We were lucky in that we had a human resources office that was able to create and offer these types of workshops.  These were done using internal resources and leaders.  The “bible” used in this series was written by John C. Maxwell.  Aptly subtitled “Becoming the Person Others Will Want to follow,” The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader outlines the qualities and provides supporting examples.

While there are natural leaders and we all, in my opinion, possess leadership qualities, we can enhance and improve our skills.  The book provides the framework to improve our leadership qualities.  Mr. Maxwell states:

“but knowing how to lead is only half the battle.  Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities.”

How many of you work for a person who is not a leader?  They are in charge, but are not leaders.  THESE FOLKS DRIVE ME NUTS.  Actually the sheeple who blindly follow are much worse. 

Some of the qualities include;

  • Character – In my mind the most critical
  • Charisma – Important, but without Character can be dangerous
  • Discernment – Recognition
  • Passion – no explanation necessary
  • Servanthood – putting others first
  • Vision – seeing and/or looking ahead
  • Commitment – being a doer

I was fortunate to attend the workshop series and return to future classes to speak about one of the 21 qualities.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to participate.  Lastly from Mr. Maxwell:

“Part of any leader’s development comes from learning the laws of leadership, for those are the tools that teach how leadership works.  But leaders are effective because of who they are on the inside.  To go to the highest level of leadership, you must develop these character qualities from the inside out.”

If you have looked at my past book reviews, you will notice that have read a number of “self-help” books.  I do not like that label and would prefer to call them “thought-provoking” books. 

This is a “thought-provoking”  book and is worth reading.  I find myself referring back to it on occasion.

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