Framing the Dialogue

Tea For Two…Million

“Friends! Brethren! Countrymen!–That worst of plagues, the detested tea, shipped for this port by the East India Company, is now arrived in the harbor; the hour of destruction, or manly opposition to the machinations of tyranny, stares you in the face. Every friend to his country, to himself and to posterity, is now called upon to meet at Faneuil Hall, at nine o’clock THIS DAY (at which time the bells will ring), to make united and successful resistance to this last, worst, and most destructive measure of administration.”

That was posted throughout Boston nearly 250 years ago to protest excessive taxation by the British.  We have all learned about the significance of that event in our quest for independence. 

If you fast-forward to tomorrow, many Americans will participate again in tea parties to protest excessive taxation not by a King, but by our elected officials.  It has been inspiring to watch these numerous grass-roots events develop over the past month.  I think that you can trace the impetus back to Rick Santelli’s comment about hosting a Chicago Tea party.

The Good:  I expect millions of Americans to participate in peaceful gatherings throughout the United States.  Their voices will be heard.

The Bad:  What sleazy politicians will try to worm their way into the protests.

The Ugly:  There have been some reports that left-winged activists are planning to infiltrate the parties to cause problems.

The Ugly 2:  The mainstream media has either ignored the past tea parties or mischaracterized the events.  It will be interesting to see how they cover the events tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, I will join hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country to express anger over Congress’s irresponsible and reckless spending habits. Taxpayers are not deceived by the notion that the American economy can be revived by government simply spending its way out of a recession. They are a sophisticated people who recognize that continued overspending runs up massive deficits that ultimately lead to higher taxes and less freedom for all Americans.”

                                                                                                           Grover Norquist

Go to the Tax Day Tea Party web-site to find a party near you and join in to take America back.

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