Framing the Dialogue

Talk Me Off Of the Ledge

No I am not planning to throw myself off of a tall building, but life as a conservative seems rather harsh and I keep looking at how easy it is for liberals with more than a little jealousy.  Life for a liberal is quite simple…

  • It’s a life where they can go from Global Cooling will kill us unless we do something, to Global Warming will kill us unless we take drastic (and costly) measures, to a nice balance of Global Climate Change which gives them cover to every climate situation.  They seem to have no qualms about making these label changes and are as vociferous in their arguments.  Oh and they have the backing of the elitist media. That’s much better than the facts.
  • They can easily support the killing of the unborn as “pro-choice” and a decision between a woman and her doctor (husband/father do not matter).  They even have the right label as pro choice rather than the truth as pro abortion.  After all how can anyone be against choice.  Once again they have the backing of the elitist media and many “women’s” organizations who in fact only care about abortions and other women’s issues be damned.
  • Liberals are all about free speech and often can be found screaming over evil conservatives when they try to exercise their own free speech.  Type these three words in any search engine and see what you get; “conservative” “speech” and “college.”

  • When you ask a liberal about a position they only have to determine whether the position is “liberal” and have no concern about trite things like is it “logical” or is it “factual?”  What a dream life.  How else can you explain the United Mine Workers Union voting for Obama, or Catholics and the Church pushing for Obama, or the best yet, Jewish people widely supporting a man who seems to roil with disdain for Israel.
  • I can have my religion and the liberal agenda too.  How many Catholic, democrat legislators freely support abortion and Obama’s health insurance mandates while standing at the alter of their “faith?”  There seems to be no internal struggle with these extreme views.  Hell Teddy Kennedy got his marriage of 30 years annulled by the Catholic Church.  Some back scratching going on there.
  • The separation of church and state only works one way for liberals.  The state can impose rules on the church (Obamacare), but god forbid (I can say God…so far) let a little town put up the manger scene that has been put up for fifty years.  God forbid some coach bow his head when his players say a team prayer…that has just got to stop.  For a liberal it’s easy…church tolerable – maybe, government, atheism, secularism GREAT.  Liberals also have the muscle of the ACLU as an enforcer of atheism even though atheism is a belief and as such probably a “religion” in many ways.
  • Economics is simple.  While the conservative/real economic view is fairly simple the liberal viewpoint is even easier.  Raise taxes on others to pay for my stuff.  Even though raising tax “rates” has never really worked as a method of increasing tax “revenue” liberals can mindlessly still extol the virtue of raising someone else’s taxes.  They don’t even have to worry about the language and whether they have a clue what they are talking about.  And the slogans on their protest signs are precious and they even spell the wright most times.
  • That brings me to their protests.  They are always portrayed as huge, peaceful, passionate, peaceful, lawful, etc. while the conservatives like the TEA Party are sparse, racist, stupid, racist, etc. and subject to mockery by the media, Hollywood, and our President.  Why not join the popular team>
  • Even though our children are just about out of the public education system it would be easier to support the liberal agenda there.  We need to teach our preschoolers about gay couples, sex education, transgendered people, the Muslim faith, bullying while we tell them that they are all special and deserve the same rewards regardless of their individual efforts.  Who needs math classes when there are diversity classes available; who needs science when there are _______ (Hispanic, black, women’s, gay, immigrant, etc.) studies available; who needs recess when there are gender approved physical education classes optional; who needs a reading/writing course when we can have clay figures classes; who needs to know about our nation’s founding when we can learn about JFK, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and how George Bush stole the 2000 election from the Earth’s savior, Al Gore.  I can ignore the fact that our children’s math, science, and reading scores compared to other nations get worse each year that students are subjected to the education system even though trillions of dollars have been invested.  All we need is more of the same to change things.  I actually sighed writing that as it is such an easy path to take.
  • As a liberal I could celebrate the need of unions while ignoring what they now stand for…themselves in power.  I can look at unions as they were, the saviors of the American workers as they were in their earlier history.  I can gloss over how the labor unions are run by wealthy, marxist thugs who care little about the workers’ views and only care about being able to call them out to protest and collect their dues.  I can ignore the fact that they are often as violent to their opposition as the business owners were to the workers early last century.
  • I can gleefully proclaim that I am part of the 99% even though I am not sure what that means exactly.  I can be comfortable in hating the 1% even though my president is clearly one of the 1%, parties like the 1%, vacations like the 1% and take loads and loads and loads of money FROM the 1%.  I can have no internal conflict between those facts.  Oh and all of my spokespersons (i.e. elitist media, Hollywood, politicians, musicians, writers, etc.) are all part of the 1% yet claim to champion the 99% before getting into their hybrid cars that takes them out of sight to their Escalades that takes them to their private jets that takes them to their $24 million mansions where their large security forces keep out the 99%.
  • As a liberal I would be able to easily hate; big oil, big pharma, big energy, big farming, Wall Street, big banks, big health insurance companies, and/or evil corporations even though I probably work for one or have money invested in my 401(k) in one or even own stock in some.  I can ignore the fact that I own health insurance, have a mortgage with one, have been cured by using the drugs developed by one, and rely on fuel from the others.  I can also reverse, briefly, from these views when I need something from one of these entities without guilt.
  • I can faithfully (not in a religious way mind you) exercise the motto “the end justifies the means.”
  • I can do something horribly wrong (i.e. force banks to loan money to folks who could never repay the loans and nearly destroy the worlds’ economies and then blame the banks and author legislation against the banks – Dodd/Frank) and claim; that I had the right intentions, that I didn’t have enough money; that I didn’t have enough power; I didn’t have enough oversight; or it was the evil ________ (fill in the blank).  Stated intention is everything…results not so much.
  • Shit is FREE for liberals.  health care, food, houses, cheese, college, drugs, condoms, abortions.  As if they discovered trees that grow this stuff.  Liberals never have to look at who pays for the free stuff.  Santa comes every day, not that religious fellow, but the secular one.  Actually I don’t think Santa is in favor anymore…perhaps Gaia provides to liberals.
  • Government is always good for liberals and the only bad thing is either when Republicans are in charge (liberal causes still proceed with Republicans, they just proceed at a slower pace) or there is not enough government.  In a liberal’s mind you can put a dollar into government, have it rattle around the bureacracy, and have it come out as $10.  Quite the black box.
  • Liberals are all about giving.  Not from their wallets, but your money.  Lovely people.

“Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household.”

  • Liberals enjoy the ability to hate without being considered hate mongers…that moniker is reserved for conservatives and conservatives alone.  Just look at the faces of liberals when they protest.  They can only be described as hate-filled.
  • Liberals are always the smartest people on earth.  They have given us the smartest presidents, smartest economists, smartest talking heads, smartest actors, smartest protesters, smartest professors, smartest celebrities, hell smartest everything.  What company.  They’re not just smart they are cool.

The only things that keep me from jumping to the dark side are two things;  first the tried and true liberals are don’t seem all that happy, actually they seem quite miserable; secondly I cannot ignore those sticky facts.

Perhaps I am not intelligent enough to look at only facts that fit my beliefs.  Wait that’s what conservatives are accused of.

Perhaps I’ll just be satisfied with conservatism.

Perhaps I’ll just hand in there.

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