Framing the Dialogue


No rest for the July 4th holiday weekend for special agent Scot Harvath.  HIs plans for a relaxing time in New York City in mildly interrupted when Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist strike the city.  Once the initial shock wears off Agent Harvath and a few others realize that the strike was only the beginning.  Harvath has to call upon all his resources to change the terror tide.

In Takedown author Brad Thoras usual starts fast and keeps the pedal to the metal.  Another sleepless night for me as I put in a few hours captivated by the thriller.  In an unusual move Thor actually wrote in a cliffhanger to the next book.  I generally don’t like these, but in the case of Scot Harvath I’ll make an exception and there is the fact that I don’t have to wait for the next book.

Brad Thor is not really preachy, but he often adds some clarity and pragmatism to struggles we all face in this world.  Consider the following statement written in 2006:

“To hell with them.  Mainstream Islam has done absolutely nothing to stop this cancer mestasaszing within their midst.  They haven’t even wholeheartedly condemned it.  As far as I’m concerned, they don’t get a pass anymore.  No more sitting on the fence, waiting to see which way this all goes.  Either they’re part of the solution or they’re part of the problem.  Period.”

Sometimes issues aren’t all that complex after all.

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