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Yahoo Pissing On Our Leg and Telling Us It’s Raining

Read the sub-heading under the YaHeadline…

Yahoo Gassssss

Yahoo Pissing On Our Leg and Telling Us It’s Raining. Aren’t you so relieved that you can now not be afraid of gas prices north of $4.00 per gallon? Four dollars is not so bad. Hey Yahoo, why are folks driving fewer miles?  Perhaps because they cannot AFFORD to drive more?  Maybe fewer and fewer and fewer folks are working so they have no real reason to drive.  Can those citizens afford the higher gas prices?

Weeks Late…

I just love Yahoo though not really, but they are showing some guts and actually have some negative stuff about Obama…

… only they are a few weeks late.

What a Bunch of…

Yahoo’s is the answer. I have a quandary. I don’t want to use Google for web searches because of their overt hypocrisy of supporting Obama, cow-towing to China and other tyrannical nations, and their “official” spin that they are somehow all about freedom for individuals. Out of habit I have tended to use Yahoo for my searches, but these folks are mind-numbingly (I don’t think that is a word) bad. I posted a “Sweet Sixteen” of Yahoo’s banners a while back so I am never surprised, but today’s banner was beyond the pale.

No Bias Here

So I see this blip on Yahoo about a 6-year-old who has a video that has gone viral. The young man offers numerous reasons NOT to vote to reelect President Obama. Being the Obama-lover that I’m NOT I tried to open the Yahoo link only to find it has no active link. It’s from YouTube so I saunter over there to pull up and watch the clip. I do a search for “6-year-old Bashing President Obama” as used in the Yahoo headline and I get these results…bashing Romney and a bunch of what I can only call pro Obama crap.

Yahoo Sweet Sixteen

I have no idea how old Yahoo is, nor do I care.  This post started rather innocently as I often peek at the Yahoo headlines sometime during the day.  Sometimes I even get an inspiration from one of the headlines as with Life Unlock on January 24th.  I started paying attention to the headlines and found a trend with their home page…disturbing to me, but not surprising.  I think this is a GREAT illustration of the liberal bias that the mainstream media and even many new media outlets adhere to. 

Before I continue with sixteen “candles” of Yahoo bias here is a basic rundown of their position: