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I have a dream job…unfortunately it is still in my mind, but the job that I have now has that potential.  Reading books like Rework fuel my desire for a better working environment.  I can work my butt off all day and sometimes by 4:00 I am spent.  I have given my all for that day, but really don’t feel comfortable leaving before 5:00.  Starting a new project would be rather pointless as I am not at my freshest. 

“Workaholics make the people who don’t stay late feel inadequate for ‘merely’ working reasonable hours.  That leads to guilt and poor morale all around and leads to ass-in-seat mentality.” [see my above comments]

Words Fail Me

I borrowed this book from my son and read it several months before I started writing this blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed it they way Patricia T. O’Conner provides writing tips in a readable way.  This book almost reads like a good novel. 

I liked it so much; I recently purchased a hardcover version for my bookshelf and often refer to it for tips.  Words Fail Me is not just about grammar and punctuation, O’Conner provides information on the writing process in a humorous way.  An excerpt from the inside cover says a great deal:

Woe Is I

I read an earlier book by Patricia T. O’Conner (Words Fail Me) and was anxious to read more of her work.  I should have been forewarned by the subtitle of this book; “The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English.”

As I read Woe Is I, I was transported back to my grade school days (we did not have elementary schools way back then) and English taught by Sister Mary Somethingorother.  I half expected for someone to show up with a ruler and smack my hands.  It is one of the few books that I could not finish.