Framing the Dialogue

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The Lion

lion“The sun was in the western sky, and it shone down into the covered walkways and on the faces of the people who were part mourners and part curiosity seekers.  Some of them, Khalil thought, did not comprehend what had befallen them, and some only dimly understood why this had happened.  Most of them, he was certain, saw this event as a single incident, without context and without meaning.  The Americans lived in the moment, without history and thus without prophecy.  Their ignorance and their arrogance, and their love of comfort and their disobedience to God, were their greatest weakness.  The moment in which they lived was passing and there was no future for them.”

American Ground

No one of my generation will likely forget where they were when the cowardly jihadists flew their planes into the World Trade Center North and South towers. It is one of those moments seared into our memories further ingrained as we watched in horror as some of our fellow citizens chose to jump to their deaths rather than burn and finally watching the towers fall.