Framing the Dialogue

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One cannot both feast and become rich – Ashanti proverb

Before seeking revenge, dig two graves – Chinese proverb

Man must sit with mouth open for very long time before roast duck fly in – Chinese proverb

May you live in interesting times – Chinese proverb

May the worst day of your past be better than the best day of your future – Chinese curse

It is all very well in practice, but it will never work in theory – French proverb

Birds of prey do not sing – German proverb

Above all, LIBERTY – Greek proverb

THE Perfect GOP Candidate

Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing the Perfect GOP candidate!

Keys to the perfect candidate:

  1. Mitt Romney’s hair:  That’s his best feature physically, intellectually, conservatively, etc. though his campaign finances are quite attractive too.
  2. Rick Perry’s thumbs up:  Perry comes across as a very down-to-earth guy and this sells well though he may be a little too much like “W” for many people’s taste.
  3. Herman Cain’s Brain:  You have to love Mr. Cain’s wit, wisdom, and willingness to smash through the veil of political correctness barriers.  He speaks to the people as a person.