Framing the Dialogue

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American Ground

No one of my generation will likely forget where they were when the cowardly jihadists flew their planes into the World Trade Center North and South towers. It is one of those moments seared into our memories further ingrained as we watched in horror as some of our fellow citizens chose to jump to their deaths rather than burn and finally watching the towers fall.

Sahara Unveiled

“In its scale and complexity, it is difficult place to know.  Consider just the external dimensions – a desert the size of the United States, filling the northern third of Africa, extending south nearly to the edge of the tropical forests.  Only a fifth of this vastness is the sand of popular imagination, formed into the great dune seas called ergs in Arabic; the rest is rock and gravel plain, and high rugged mountain.”

The Outlaw Sea

“the ocean’s easy disregard for human constructs, its size, the strength of its storms, and the privacy provided by its horizons…many admit that it is chaos, not control, that is on the rise.  They have learned what future historians may be able to see even more clearly, that our world is an ocean world, and it is wild.”

If you know nothing about the oceans this work will give you some perspective.  We all learned that 75 percent of the Earth is covered by water, but we really have no clue what that really means; how vast the world’s oceans and seas are and what it takes to tame these waters.