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Desert God

“From an early age I have known that I am a favorite of the gods, particularly of the great god Horus to whom I pray. How else could I have been gifted from birth with so many talents and virtues? How else have I been able to survive so many terrible perils and mortal dangers that would certainly have destroyed any lesser being? How else have I been able to stay so young and handsome and my mind so sharp when all those about me wrinkle, turn gray and fade away with age? There is something about me that has set me aside from most other mortal men.”


In Assegai by Wilbur Smith we meet young Leon Courtney who is a young officer in Britain’s King’s Rifles.  When his successful life and death struggle to survive a brutal native attack actually ges him arrested he becomes disillusioned with military life.  His high-ranking uncle convinces him to stay and participate in a special spying mission to try to learn what Germany is planning on the eve of what will be World War I.  Taking a job as a hunting guide is the perfect cover.  All goes well until he meets the lover of a German industrial giant and things start to unravel.