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Civilian Warriors

 “So now I’m done keeping quiet.  What’s been said before is only half the story – and I won’t sit idly by while the bureaucrats go after me so that everyone else can just go back to business as usual.  The true history of Blackwater is exhilarating, rewarding, exasperating, and tragic.  It’s the story of men taking bullets to protect the men who take all the credit, a tale of patriots whose names became known only when lawyers and politicians needed to blame somebody for something.  Our critics have spoken.  Now it’s my turn.”


I wasn’t sure whether to  list this posting as an update to I Dream of Health Care or my review for Judge Napolitano’s book Lies the Government Told You.  I punted and selected neither.

This headline from the Associated Press may qualify for the Homer Simpson “DUH” awards;  Report: Health overhaul will increase tab.”  The assessment wasn’t by any “right-winged” think tank or pundit.  The Health and Human Services Department provided the bad news except that it is too late as the bill is now law.  The article listed more bad news regarding long-term care insurance and medicare so read at your own risk.  Here are some of my predictions:

Too Left To Fail

newspaper_stackA number of federal elected oaficials (intentionally misspelled) are testing the waters for a concept where they will take our money to bail out the main stream media (lame stream media, drive by media).  In April, John Kerry called for congressional hearings.  You should be encouraged that Senator Kerry cares so much about workers and the fate of our country.

“”America’s newspapers are struggling to survive, and while there will be serious consequences in terms of the lives and financial security of the employees involved, including hundreds at the Globe, there will also be serious consequences for our democracy where diversity of opinion and strong debate are paramount.”

True American Hero – Lord Christopher Monckton

Sail on, O Ship of State!
Sail on, O Union, strong and great!
Humanity with all its fears,
With all the hopes of future years,
Is hanging breathless on thy fate!

moncktonThe begining of this Longfellow poem was used by Lord Christopher Moncton to end his address at Bethel University last week.  I had never heard that poem before, but Lord Monckton told the audience that it was also used by Winston Churchill in an address to FDR as we entered World War II.  It shows the deep love, respect, and hope that our country represents to many in the world.  Lord Monckton also said these touching words:

Separated at Birth – Pettigrew/Waxman

For those of you Harry Potter fans, your probably recognize Mr. Peter Pettigrew as the wizard who betrayed James and Lily Potter leading to their death at the hands of He Who Must Not Be Named.  Pettigrew (AKA Wormtail) faked his death and hid for years as Scabbers the pet rat of one of Harry’s friends, Ron.  Pettigrew’s true identity came to light as he again tried to help The Dark Lord.

The rat persona was appropriate for Peter as he was a petty man living through the popularity of his friends.  Prone to bitterness, he betrayed them and framed another friend to take the blame.  Even his master found him contemptible: