Framing the Dialogue

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Stats Rhats

Many years ago I was fortunate to be invited on a school trip to Gettysburg National Military Park.  That trip sparked a love affair with the city and the Civil War.  If you are from below the Mason-Dixon line you would call it the War Between the States.  A favorite book about that era is The Killer Angels which was the basis of a favorite movie, Gettysburg.

One of ending scenes of the movie was an encounter between some captured Confederate soldiers and Union soldiers after the epic Picket/Pettigrew charge.  The southerners were resting on some fencing when one of the Union officers asked the prisoners why they were fighting this war.  One of the Confederates answered that they were fighting for “Stats Rhats.’ 

Civil War Trilogy

I really didn’t have much interest in history until I had the opportunity to chaperone my son’s fifth grade field trip in 2000.  This was their big field trip to the Gettysburg National Military Park.  The kids (and parents) fund-raised all year for the trip in April. 

We arrived at the park after a four-hour drive and it was basically fields with lots of monuments.  A lot of monuments!  We had a great time and learned a great deal that day.  So what does this have to do with a book review?