Framing the Dialogue

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As Ye Sow…

…So Shall Ye Reap

P1280781Like many others I was disappointed, though not surprised, to learn that our politicians and our President in particular enjoyed making life difficult for many of us due to sequestration.  Even though it was his idea and he signed it into law and he would do nothing to prevent it, he still rails against its cuts.  As I think about the many negative things that have taken place since November 2012 and there have been a lot I have come to a conclusion about to whom we have to thank.  Sure it’s Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi, and Boehner, and McCain, etc. who really all want nothing more than bigger and bigger government.  BUT those really at fault are those nimrods who voted for Obama and even more so to the idiots who stayed home allowing him to get re-elected.  I simply the same number of folks who voted for McCain in 2008 had voted for Romney in 2012 we’d have a new president.  You CANNOT make me believe that you thought that McCain was better than Romney?

There Should Be Investigations

No I’m not talking about the travesty that seems to be developing in Florida with the witch hunt and show trial of George Zimmerman.  Oh he may be guilty of many things…there has just not been enough “official” (i.e. real) facts that have come out into the public to convict him.  In this country, up until a few years ago, that was the role of our judicial system.  The investigations should be about how, under the Regime of Barack Obama, an American company that had been the biggest in the world has been overtaken by a Chinese company.