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Update – Pale In Comparison

For some reason I happened to open the “fanfare” section of my local paper.  This is where our self-described beautiful people primp and pose at various high society events.  I do occasionally peruse looking for any name that I may recognize, but unless they are sports celebrities (or their spouses) the names are unknown to me.  I guess that I run in lower circles.  Within this section was “This Just In” that contains media short pieces.  It’s kind of like an unsexy People section about stuff most folks don’t care about.  A tidbit caught my eye as Sarah Palin’s name was highlighted in the body of the story.

Update – True American Hero – Rep. Michelle Bachmann

After her big win last night, Rep. Bachmann for some insane reason agreed to an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  Itching for a fight, Matthews couldn’t wait to try to pin her down on some statement she made on an earlier appearance on his show.  When she wouldn’t take his bait he accused her of being “hypnotized” and repeatedly threw out this accusation and at one point describe her as “looking moronically” at the camera.  It is interesting when a member of the media feels comfortable using very negative words to describe a member of Congress.  I understand that is what MSNBC’s “vast” audience tunes in for, but I found it to be very disrespectful.

Update – Twelve Days of Obamacations

I asked for this information in my original post and someone took the time to calculate the cost of the Obama’s trip to India and other points East.  I expected the cost to be staggering, but this trip defies even my gut feelings.   It’s only going to cost the United States’ citizens/taxpayers $200 million each day for the Obamacation. 

That’s $200,000,000.00 EACH DAY

I am at a loss for words.

You may read the original post here.

Update – Hypocrisy

My original post dealt more with the political side of hypocrisy primarily because of the season in an important mid-term election.  The main problem that I had with the post was to keep it focuses with all of the hypocrisy out there.  Two recent items screamed for inclusion under hypocrisy.

Update – Pweditowy Wending

A remarkable thing happened.  CNBC actually ran a story criticizing Barney Frank!  I am not going to get all giddy that they finally got it, but Frank is just so brash in his claims that even the left media has to point it out.  Pay particular attention to the conversation between the anchors at the end of the clip as they explain why they did not point out Frank’s lies to his face.

You may read the original post here.

Update True American Hero – Vaclav Klaus

A while back I presented the Czech Republic’s President Vaclav Klaus as a True American Hero for his demonstrative free market views that paralleled those of America’s Founding Fathers.  If you paid any attention to the United Nations’ events last week you were inundated with coverage of Mamoud Imanutjob (I know it is spelled wrong, but the man doesn’t deserve my time to get it right) and our fretful leaders’ anemic response.  The United States needs to quit throwing money away at this group of thugs parading around in thousand dollar suits lamenting the plight of the poor.

Update – Rules of Engagement

Update – many on the conservative side breathed a cautious sigh of relief when General David Petraeus was placed in charge of the NATO war effort in Afghanistan.  Not many criticized his predecessor, General Stanley McChrystal, but there were grumbles about how he handcuffed his troops through tight rules of engagement as discussed in the original post.

Patraeus was seen as perhaps more of a warrior who would take the gloves off and permit our soldiers to do what soldiers do in war…kill the enemy and break things.  To many Patraeus was Patton.  As expected General Patraeus did modify the complex rules of engagement in Afghanistan.  He actually made them even more stringent in an attempt to win the support of the Afghan people. 

Earth Day Plus 40

Last year I wrote a three part series on Earth Day. Part 1 addressed my role working as a government employee in the environmental field while balancing my environmentalism with conservatism. In Part 2 I tackled some of the issues surrounding alternative energy and why the energy solution is not easy or cheap. I finished with Part 3 with a blast of the media and the misinformation that they spread as facts about the environment.

Update – Rule 13 Reversed

Update September 6, 2009:  In a not so stunning announcement, Van Jones was thrown under the bus and resigned as the Green Jobs Czar.  Jones, of course, blamed others for his troubles in his statement:

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

Mr. Jones, the folks who campaigned against you used YOUR WORDS to shed light on who you really are and most folks did not like what they saw (heard).  To quote President Obama, “you can put lipstick on a pig…”  One of the most humorous quotes about his resignation was from Fox News’ Andy Levy;