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Tips For Naught

…Therefore I Am…

I was out and about yesterday so dinner was going to have to be a quick deal and that means take out.  There is a new shopping center not far from our house and much to our delight a Papa John’s Pizza opened.  We like some of the local, independent pizza shops around our house, but we do enjoy Papa John’s too and I used to pick up dinner there a few times a month at one that was located on the route home from work until I switched jobs.  No more Papa John’s until yesterday.  I was visiting my Mom and sister and Papa John’s was one my way home.  I dutifully downloaded the Papa John’s iPhone app, logged in, and ordered our pizza.

I Can See You Naked

Sorry the title is a little provocative, but I assure you that the content is not.  The nakedness is all about being in front of a group as this is often reported as the number one fear that people have.  I Can See You Naked is about giving you the tools and tips to make your next presentation an interesting and relaxing experience. 

In my mind there is no better training to do presentations than to actually do them.  The best training that I ever was fortunate to attend was a week-long “Train the Trainer” developed by a former employer.  No only did we have to develop and give presentations to peers, the talks were taped and we then got to watch um our um ah presentations.  It’s a sobering experience.

The Digital Photography Book Volume 3

What do you do when your first two books do really well?  Scott Kelby did the natural thing and wrote a third, the aptly named The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.  As in his first two digital photography books (he has written other books) Kelby writes with the perspective that he is out with you taking pictures.  His descriptions provide technical information without overwhelming you with jargon.  It also doesn’t hurt that he uses his sense of humor to entertain.

The Digital Photography Book Volume 2

This is the second edition to Scott Kelby’s book on digital photography.  In his own words, The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 is all about “you and I out shooting where I answer questions, give you advise, and share the secrets I’ve learned just like I would with a friend – without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak.”

Volume 2 is not an update of his first book, but contains additional tips not covered before.  I first read it last year and reread most of it preparing for this review and was amazed again about what I forgot.  I made adjustments to my camera after reading it again.  Kelby again provides coverage of one tip per page and started off this book with one of the most challenging issues…flash photography.

The Digital Photography Book

There may be thousands of photography books available and many of them have now been edited to include digital photography.  Less than ten years ago I was the only person in my family that had a camera.  We often bought the kids disposable cameras to use on vacations.  I bought my first digital camera (an Olympus for around $700) and I seem to remember that it had around 3 MP.  I took both it and my 35mm film camera on vacation that year to compare both.