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Falling Stars

When your protagonist is called Ivan the Ghost and no one ever has seen him let alone beat him, you might be in trouble.  Kyle Achilles has come closer than anybody to catching this elusive villain, but how can he get three steps ahead of a man that is already three steps ahead.  Partnering with a relative rookie operative, Achilles must stretch his resources to stop the murderous rampage that was unleashed on the United States, oh and he has to keep from being killed himself by either “friend” or foe.

Twist and Turn

Tim Tigner’s Twist and Turn is the fourth in the Kyle Achilles series.  With Katya at his side, Achilles races against time to foil another fiendish plot.

“Strain as I might, I heard nothing beyond my own biology—and the breathing of others. Not a sound. No passing cars or chirping crickets. No humming appliances or rustling leaves. Beyond the breathing, my auditory world was also dead. But the breathing was enough, enough to know that my system was online, while somehow, some way, the rest of the world was turned off.”

The Lies of Spies

Perhaps ripped from the headlines, Tim Tigner’s The Lies of Spies has both the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Korovin and American President William Silver both plotting courses against each other.  One to achieve world dominance the other to avenge an attempted on his life and to finally put an end to Russian aggression.  Agent Kyle Achilles and associates find themselves trying to carry out the American President’s plan and caught in the middle of trying to foil the Russian plan.  Achilles finds a pair of unlikely comrades in this adventure.


“Troy knew that this was the moment most people would begin to scream and flail, their fight and flight reflexes tripping all over one another. He remained motionless. Analyzing. He had learned at a very young age the wisdom of lying low and keeping quiet. In orphanages things had usually worked out better that way. In the army they still did.”


betrayal tigner“That’s not all,’ Wiley continued.  ‘Once you’ve gotten Rollins and Abrams squared away, your real job begins’  Cassi raised her chin.  ‘You’re to use that profile to anticipate the assassin’s moves…and lure him into a trap.”

Cassi and Odysseus Carr are brother and sister and both work for the FBI.  In Tim Tigner’s Betrayal, Cassi is a profiler and works on the hostage rescue team and happens to date a man with aspirations of higher office.  Odi is a bomb expert who also does special ops for the government.  Their paths and careers cross when one of Odi’s operations goes awry and he is presumed dead.  Cassi is tasked with stopping a diabolical assassin who has been killing defense contractor CEOs.  This is no easy task until she spots him and her world turn upside down.  both of their worlds are jolted when they discover a plot that will make 9/11 seem small!