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Hunt The Scorpion

hunt scorpionThis is the second Seal Team Six novel by Don Mann featuring fictional SEAL Team leader Thomas Crocker.  Crocker and his men find themselves in and around Libya after the fall of Gaddafi looking for weapons of mass destruction.  Needless to say in Hunt the Scorpion they find themselves in the middle of some pretty intense action.  The novel moves fairly quickly and will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The end sort of leads you to the next book which I generally dislike, but Mann completed the story well enough for my taste.

Hunt The Wolf

hunt the wolfOne of my favorite genres of books is the thriller featuring American (mostly) heroes from special forces kicking the butts of our enemies.  Author Don Mann, a former SEAL Team Six member, takes his shot with Hunt the Wolf featuring a seemingly superhuman SEAL Team Six leader named Thomas Crocker.  Though there is plenty of action and the novel is very entertaining there is much lacking in the story and some of the connections between royalty, the CIA, other clandestine services and the bad guys are a little out there which make the story less fluid.