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The Second Objective

second objective 1It is interesting to read stories about a big subject like Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and World War II.  I’ve had the opportunity to read a number of books about the latter recently.  In The Second ObjectiveMark Frost tells a story of a daring commando mission that has troops going behind enemy lines to pull off an extraordinary dangerous and highly unlikely mission.  The interesting part for me is how the timeline for this fits into other books on the WWII fight in Europe.  As the characters in the book fight, run, hide and kill you are given perspective about the entire effort from Hitler’s bunker, to the quartermasters, to secret training, to General Eisenhower’s command center.  The Second Objective is a wonderful “murder” mystery set within a military setting…oh and during World War II featuring a sinister villain and a dogged “cop” closing on his tail.