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The Lion

lion“The sun was in the western sky, and it shone down into the covered walkways and on the faces of the people who were part mourners and part curiosity seekers.  Some of them, Khalil thought, did not comprehend what had befallen them, and some only dimly understood why this had happened.  Most of them, he was certain, saw this event as a single incident, without context and without meaning.  The Americans lived in the moment, without history and thus without prophecy.  Their ignorance and their arrogance, and their love of comfort and their disobedience to God, were their greatest weakness.  The moment in which they lived was passing and there was no future for them.”

The Chronicles of Narnia

I first read The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in grade school.  A friend and I discovered the books in our sparse school library and competed to finish each book to see who could get the next one first.  Our competition started when we were in seventh grade and we finished them the next year.  It was a small Catholic school and we did not have Amazon back then.

The adventures that C. S. Lewis wrote about in the mythical land of Narnia offered good, clean reading.  I have read them many times over the years and when I had children, I invested in a hardcover collection.  I encouraged my kids to read them.