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The Skaar Invasion

The Skaar Invasion by Terry Brooks is the second book in The Fall of Shannara books.  I basically leaves off from where The Black Elfstone ended.  The Skaar are a people whose land is failing and they are in search of a new home.  Lead by their warrior princess, they show cunning and little mercy against their enemies.  Meanwhile the remaining druid must find a way out of the vanished Paranor before he disappears completely.  He must join forces with his friends before the lands are taken over by the Skaar and his former colleague.

The Black Elfstone

Many many years ago I read quite a lot of fantasy science fiction; many of them by Terry Brooks.  In The Black Elfstone we meet a “defrocked” druid, a form high druid who has been banished by the druid that replaced him.  When a young girl with obvious powers seeks him out he take her on as his student.  While they have different goals, they work together in her training and he learns much from her.  They are pulled in many directions as someone has hire assassins to kill the druid, a strange and unbeatable army is crossing the land, and the young students brother has strong and unmanageable powers that is wreaking havoc.

A Princess of Landover

It had probably been literally decades since I have read, actually devoured, Terry Brooks’ books.  I was really into the fantasy world books back then.  I looked with anticipation when I saw A Princess of Landover on the shelf in Barnes & Noble.  Perhaps I have grown up, but this book about magical creatures did not have any magic for me.  While the novel was interesting it lacked the drama and intrigue that I remembered from earlier books by the author.