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The Black Widow

black widow“One day, thought Gabriel, his children would ask him about the troubled young man depicted in the portrait, and about the woman who had painted it.  It was not a conversation he was looking forward to.  Already, he feared their reaction.  Would they pity him?  Would they fear him?  Would they think him a monster, a murderer?  It was no matter; he had to tell them.  It was better to hear the unhappy details of such a life from the lips of the man who had let it rather than from someone else.  Mothers often portrayed fathers in too flattering a light.  Obituaries rarely told the whole story, especially when their subjects led classified lives.”

Tier One Wild

tier one wildKolt “Racer” Raynor is back in his Delta Force unit and hunting missing weapons from the overthrown Libyan government.  In Tier One Wild Former officials from that regime are suspected of selling them to unsavory characters.  At center stage are surface to air missiles that are a threat to commercial aircraft.  The opening segment is about as harrowing an event as you’ll read in many of these type novels.  Many in America feel somewhat safe as the weapons are on another continent, but sometimes bad things come home.

Hunt The Wolf

hunt the wolfOne of my favorite genres of books is the thriller featuring American (mostly) heroes from special forces kicking the butts of our enemies.  Author Don Mann, a former SEAL Team Six member, takes his shot with Hunt the Wolf featuring a seemingly superhuman SEAL Team Six leader named Thomas Crocker.  Though there is plenty of action and the novel is very entertaining there is much lacking in the story and some of the connections between royalty, the CIA, other clandestine services and the bad guys are a little out there which make the story less fluid.

Night Fall

John Corey and his new wife attend a memorial service in remembrance of the victims of TWA Flight 800 which exploded shortly after take off from New York’s JFK International Airport.  Five years after the tragedy there are still open wounds and doubt about the official explanation of the events leading up to the explosion.  In Night Fall Corey opens and investigation as only he can and in turn takes some heat from members of the federal government who don’t seem anxious to have him looking into the events of that night.

True American Hero – Lara Logan

Many may remember Lara Logan’s ordeal during Egypt’s Arab Spring.  She was reporting on the uprising (supported by the Obama Administration) when she was attacked and raped multiple times.  I have to admit to knowing very little about her politics or her professional work.  Ms. Logan recently did a piece for CBS and 60 Minutes of all news outlets on terrorism.  Her findings shatter the Obama foreign policy of apology and appeasement [my words not hers].  The following are some quotes from a recent speech on terrorism followed by a video of the speech.  It is worth watching and while scary it is refreshing to see a reporter speaking truth rather than talking points.


In his debut thriller, Matthew Dunn introduces us to Will Cochrane an elite MI6 operative code named Spartan.  Dunn is a former MI6 field officer himself so that gives him some credibility regarding the spy game and his first novel was thrilling though not quite up there with Daniel Silva and Brad Thor yet.  The action is there, the intrigue is there, and he has developed a very good hero in the vein of Scot Harvath and Gabriel Allon.  I think the title of the book, Spycatcher, is a little misleading though since the book is more about trying to stop a terrorist plot though spies are involved. What I like about the Will Cochrane character is that he is different than the more well known characters mentioned above. He is similar in his determination and skill, but he is different.

I Am What I Am

I’ve had my share of nicknames in the past.  Some nice; some not so nice or flattering.  Every time I got a nickname it was usually “given” by a friend or close acquaintance.  I don’t think even the less likable ones were really meant to harm me or truly disparage me.  In the last two plus years I have been called all sorts of names because I believe that I am Taxed Enough Already.  I don’t belong to any particular TEA Party though I have gone to a few rallies.  I hope that my blog affirms my belief in the principles of the Constitution, the free market, and good old capitalism.

Dancin In D.C.

“He’s like a man who took two dates to the prom and is trying to keep them both happy. He may not pull it off, but he is dancing as fast as he can.”

                                              – – Brit Hume

Mr. Hume of course was discussing President Obama as he continues to wiggle to be all things to all people while refusing to lead on important issues as a world leader should. Obama has become the quintessential politician whose sole goal seems to be getting reelected. As of this writing and reported in The American Thinker, Obama has made 31 fundraising trips so far in 2011. This is above and beyond the numerous rounds of golf.

Lone Wolf

Consider this headline:

Frankfurt Shooting Suspect Likely a ‘Lone Wolf’

The “alleged shooter, Arid Uka, is described as a “a 21-year-old ethnic Albanian whose family moved to Germany from Kosovo,(and) had an “Islamist” motivation for firing at U.S. Air Force personnel.”  I may have my history wrong, but President William Jefferson Clinton got us involved in Kosovo on the side of the Muslims.  Once control was wrested from the government (I know that Milosovic was a “bad” guy) the Christian churches started burning down and atrocities committed against those not practicing the Muslim religion.  At some point, perhaps, authorities will put the puzzle pieces together that, perhaps, a preponderance of evidence, perhaps, exists that since there are so many Muslim “lone wolves” out there that, perhaps, they should no longer be considered lone wolves even though there is not a paper trail linking the wolves. 

Foreign Influence

The frightening thing about Brad Thor’s novels is the shear number of ways that terrorists could hit the United States.  Scot Harvath is back to foil major attempts to hit Americans here and abroad.  Harvath struggles with his age (fortyish), his desire for a family, and his deep hatred of jihadists as he travels the globe hunting down the Islamic fundamentalist organization plotting destruction.