Framing the Dialogue

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Rich Man Poor Man

Politicians, civic “leaders”, newspersons, and citizens seem to be engaged in some class warfare lately.  This probably has always been true with what may be the most famous example in France.  Did Marie Antoinette really say, “Let them eat cake” when told that the peasants did not have bread?  Did the peasants have their fill when they later said “off with her head?”

The funny thing is that being rich or poor is a relative thing.  Rich in America probably pales in comparison to rich in Dubai while poor in America looks rich to the citizens of Zimbabwe although there are probably a lot of billionaires there.  A billion dollars there, however, will not buy you a loaf of bread.

Check Please

My wife and I used to go to dinner with some of her friends around Christmas every year.  I am not real social, but I enjoyed these occasions.  One year we went to a pretty nice (read expensive) restaurant.  My wife and I were really watching our money that year and agreed to avoid high cost entrees, drinks, appetizers and deserts.  The others were not as frugal as they ordered appetizers, expensive meals, and deserts.  Oh and how the wine (and beer and mixed drinks) flowed.